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VM Project Video New Update

2013 January 01/08
film 35mm canon F1 camera
Digital scan 3089x2048px

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adidas miRun | Busan "all in for my city" from VM PROJECT on Vimeo.

Voltage - GENESIS OF VOLTAGE from VM PROJECT on Vimeo.


Voltage : in the future, people will call us the Volt Age, and this is the sound of Seoul.

Volt Age Sound : Dguru/Zeze/AcidPunkDynamite/Hiddenplastic/Kingmck/ MKisVandal/monoideist/silent/sofarider/Sonyeon/subbb999/Xanexx/Zeemen _

Directed by Beomjin J ( VM Project )
Production : VM Project Architecture Film Archive

Producer | beomjin J // AD | yohan J / Junwoo L
shot | beomjin J, yohan
Lighting Ad | Junwoo Lee

Music : Voltage
Project Supervisor : Parpunk
Campaign director
/ Parpunk | VM Project

Cote&Ciel | While you are asleep - Part. One from VM PROJECT on Vimeo.

VM Project Architecture Film archive Official logo 2013 from VM PROJECT on Vimeo.

Roller Boogie Night | SEOUL | trailer from VM PROJECT on Vimeo.

Roller Boogie Night | SEOUL | trailer
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DJs ///
TigerDisco (YMEA)
Palpal (YMEA)
Mellan (YMEA)
Prhyme (YMEA)
THE WEEKEND (MagicoToDisco, Antwork)
DAMBI (ProjectOutings Po)

MC ///
Prhyme Special Time!!

Perfomance ///
기린 (Beatball Music)

VJs ///
mojito (YMEA)
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Support by
Project Outings ( )

Hello there.
We are YMEA (Young Men’s Electronics Association). We are trying to give a birth to this party based on RETRO MUSIC and share with you all.
Started by a group of electronic music lovers in 2008, this team has been continuously trying to develop Korean electronic music scene and create something meaningful.
We YMEA have been striving for diversity of Korean club/party culture with our original party contents “80’s Illusion” inspired by DISCO MUSIC. This time with our companion ProjectOutings, we are getting ready to transform PLATOON KUNSTHALLE one of the hottest places in Seoul, into an 80’s roller rink.
Date (11/10/2012), venue (Platoon Kunsthalle) and line-up have been all set. Meanwhile YMEA members are busy getting ready for the party.
Image below is the teaser poster for
While looking for sponsors who will strengthen and boost our project, we ended up with an idea to face people who always support new movements and build up the project together.
All of your contribution will be used for, the most important thing for this party, ROLLER SKATES purchase and repair. People who sponsor Roller-Boogie-Night-Seoul through Tumblbug will have benefits on the day of the party for less covers and roller skate rentals. There are also other options for different amounts of contribution.
At present, since there are many positive elements derived from party and club culture spread all over popular culture, more variety of cultural contents are noticed and respected. On the other hand, music eventually disappears but only parties with provoking elements that strike people just for that moment are repeated all over the place.
We DO NOT want meaningless repetition.
In recent years, ‘RETRO’ has been placed as the keyword in various cultural phenomenons, which we YMEA are best at and what we will be stepping forward for; here, in colorful Seoul.
YMEA always think of fabulous disco music and the fun we will have all together first rather than the profit. We never created a dull party for money. This party is also focused on making our idea real to share unusual fun with more people.
A joke about making a roller rink in the middle of Seoul is about to become real. Let’s have more disco-roller-fun with more people. Please JOIN the moment of the birth of the fun you never had before!

///VLUF - House of the Dead Official Trailer

///Take Me Far From Home - The Koxx | Director's Cut

///DOHC 2012 FW campaign | Episode.1 DANCER

///ESK | Eastern Side Kick - Fight for the rainbow

///IDIOTAPE Live Spot


///adidas - Smart football challenge

///ilmo | sound of clothes

///adidas | Campaign "We all run" Foundation : adidas(kr)

///Record 2009 - 2012 / Film Midnight Hightway

///Short Clip | Ys | spring BYCLIPSE FIXED SHOP, VOLUME BIKE,

Photographed by Beomjin jo
VM Project Media Group

ART WORK : Types Of Syncopation

Type : Digital Photography

Size : 198.12 cm x 198.12 cm

Edition : 1/5


///GLEN CHECK - BATTAILLE! & FRENCH VIRGIN PARTY | Media Artist Eye-jin / VM Project

///Just DANCE | "Boxer" | Just Dance movement is a dance campaign
where global people who loves this culture get together

///GLEN CHECK "Racket" M/V

///KEEP IT TRICK JAM 2012 Trailer | Seoul / South korea